Learn to Play



Embrace Sportz proudly presents the Learn To Play (LTP) After-School Program, a unique and holistic approach to child development that seamlessly blends academic enrichment with physical activity. Our program is designed to not only assist students with their academics but also foster their physical and cognitive skills through engaging activities.



At Embrace Sportz, we believe in the synergy between learning and playing. Our tagline, "Learn to play as you play to learn," encapsulates our philosophy. By integrating academic enrichment with physical activity, we create a well-rounded environment that nurtures the overall development of each child.

Key Features

  • Multisport Approach: Exposure to a range of sports to discover individual interests and talents.
  • Fun and Inclusive: Activities designed to be enjoyable, promoting a positive attitude towards physical fitness.
  • Social Development: Team sports and group exercises encourage collaboration, communication, and sportsmanship.

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